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This site is being upgraded and added to continuously. Feel free to visit again and browse. I have ADHD so the order of material may be confused. If you have ADHD, you know that!

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Welcome!                 We are different.

You don't have to have ADHD or ADD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) to belong here.  You may be just distracted, a procrastinator, have Obsessional Compulsive Disorder (OCD), be a bit forgetful, daydream, smoke, drink too much or use drugs. Maybe you are a bit disorganised, clutter, overanxious or depressed, have low self-esteem or don't fit in.

Dr. Hallowell proposes that ADHD be relabeled VAST:  Variable Attention Stimulus Traits, To include all of ADHD, its associated conditions, and people who have some of the "symptoms" but not up to or in sufficient number to be 'diagnosed'.

 You have come home to a place where you can be set free.

 It's also worth knowing that most inventors, musicians, entrepreneurs, writers and creative people, etc.,  are ADHD.

 You may have arrived here because you have questions about Ritalin, Adderall, Dexamphetamine, Concerta, Strattera, or other medication.. Or perhaps because of some of the related conditions such as dyslexia, aspergers,  tourettes, discalculia, or dyspraxia.

 On this site, 'NORMAL' is a dirty word. You don't want to be normal, you are too good for that. You have something special. You have the GIFT. More later. (I will keep saying ADHD even if you haven't got it, but you have one of our problems. It saves pages of explanation.)
      Look up Dr. Joe Dispenza in Therapies!


 This site is for real people. We are all different. You are probably here because you or someone you know has a problem.

 There is a problem about assessing problems. It is called psychology. Now I know some wonderful psychologists and psychiatrists, and there are some outstanding researchers. But there are psychiatrists and psychologists who have some strange and inadequate ways of dealing with clients.

 For some, they tick off symptoms from their text-book list, and if you get the right number of ticks, you are diagnosed with a disorder and can be treated. If you don't have enough ticks you don't have disorder and they won't treat you. And if you are diagnosed, some will simply medicate you and that's it.

 But life isn't like that. People have a range of behaviour. You can imagine each behaviour like a wave. Mostly they are little, some just a ripple. If there are a number which are high enough to attract the attention of the psychologist, you may have a diagnosed disorder.

 But what if there are a number which are pretty big, but not big enough to be a diagnosed disorder? Or you get to a psychologist who won't assess you because he/she doesn't believe the disorder exists?

 This site is for people who have bigger waves, diagnosable or not; for people who want to make changes in their life for the better.

 You are invited to explore, learn  and share. I have ADHD (Diagnosed by a Psychiatrist!) so this will be an ADHDish site, which means that it's a bit disorganised.


 ADD and ADHD are the same, but the terms are often used as ADD is quiet and passive, ADHD is the hyperactive lot. In fact we are all a mixture. ADHD is polymorphic (a lovely word) which means that it comes out in different ways in different people. And it varies in severity. In the same family it can come out differently in different children. (Oh, yes, it tends to be hereditary.)

 So some of the things here will have meaning for you, some won't. But it's worth being aware of what people like you can experience .

Many people will visit just to look at one particular people such as procrastination or anxiety or coping with children.

 And just so you are clear what I am about: Freedom does not mean no  symptoms so you're 'normal'. It means understanding what is going on in your head and life, and using everything at your disposal to manage and so enhance your Gift. Your Gift? You will be better and more focussed in one field that really interests you than most people. That's right!

The Dr Amen Test for ADHD and its types. Click

ADD or ADHD is most frequently a disorganization of attention.

In the diagram below, the Common Pattern is what people without ADHD experience. That is, they have a more or less continuous focus of attention and are aware of what is going on around them.

However, in ADD/ADHD PATTERN it is a different story. The focus of attention is scattered and broken by constant distraction. Awareness is disturbed because attention wanders. BUT there is one heightened focus, the GIFT, an area in which the ADDer will excel. A very important task for the ADDer is to  find the GIFT and use it.

Use the Navigation Bars to explore the site. My  ADHD mind is all over the place, and so information is all over, cross referenced and sometimes repeated. Have fun, learn something, disagree, but grow.


You are not your feelings.

Nearly all feelings are just messages from the past. They are energies lodged in your unconscious along with the interpretation your learned to give them.

Of course we keep good past feelings, and we have pleasant feelings induced by current experiences.

People who are not functioning well focus on their feelings. We have poor feeling induced genetically, which is common in some types of ADHD, and these are confirmed by later put-downs or rejection. Other can arise from disease and disorders, or an unsatisfactory childhood or unpleasant experiences.

We talk about being anxious or depressed because that is how we tell ourselves we feel. There is an interaction between our conscious and unconscious that feeds us patterns of thought and feeling. We tell ourselves, this is who we are, this is reality, because this is how we feel.

But you are not your feelings. You are Mind.

You are not your thoughts.

 Of course, Mind awareness is achieved through thought, but there are thoughts and thoughts. Much of our thinking is habitual; it’s mostly the same as yesterday and is largely reactive. This thought stream is not who you really. It is very largely insignificant material from the past and patterns habitually run in response to physical or outside stimulus.

You are not your beliefs.

Well, not some of them. You have good beliefs, but you also may have limiting beliefs. Any beliefs about yourself need checking. Beliefs like
I don't belong.
I am no good at anything.
I can't do maths .. 
Nobody loves me.
I'm not good enough.
etc. etc.  

This is all untrue or maybe if you want to believe it, in the past.

A lot of religious beliefs need checking, too. If you belong to a religion, I would notice anything that puts you down, and get rid of it.

You are not your brain.

All of us have different brains. There are more or less 'normal' ones. There  are those affected by disorders such as some sorts of bi-polar and schizophrenia. And then there is ADHD. Our brains may give us problems - if your brain is like mine, lots of them. Your brain doesn't determine who you are. It is an instrument that needs managing.

You are not your body.

Your body is an instrument of your Mind. You love and care for it, but it is not you. You as Mind nurture it so that it serves you in the best way possible.

You are Mind.

You are the sum of your past decisions. If you are not satisfied with who you are, you make new decisions. This is the product of “I”. I decide. This is the action of the real you, your Mind. You use your deliberate thinking to create your life. This is your Mind at work.

This is will power. People often make a mistake about this. For instance: "I want a chocolate. I shouldn't eat chocolate. I want a chocolate. I want a chocolate. I shouldn't eat chocolate. I want a chocolate. I shouldn't eat chocolate." This is STRUGGLE.  It is different from WILL POWER. Will power is:" I want a chocolate. I shouldn't eat chocolate, so I wont eat a chocolate." End of story.

You decide what you feel, what you think, how you care for your body. Further, you decide how you express yourself, what you do, and how you interact with others. You use your Mind to create.

Of course you enter into feelings, think in many ways, and enjoy movement in all the senses. This is living. Bu it flows from and is held by a core, Mind.

For some types of ADD or ADHD this is very important. You are not a victim. You are not a disorder. You are not crippled by a neurotransmitter dysfunction. You are a very powerful decisive Mind.

I am Mind. I am not perfect, but I learn and grow to the best of my ability. So: I decide how I feel. I decide what I think and say to myself. I decide what I do and how I express myself. I care for my brain and body so that I can express my Mind and enjoy life.

The ADDitude Magazine
  Lots of very useful information


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