This site is being upgraded and added to continuously. Feel free to visit again and browse. I have ADHD so the order of material may be confused. If you have ADHD, you know that!

Having ADHD gives you an advantage. THE ADHD-GIFT. There will be one activity in which you can be highly focussed and perform better than others. It will be something you love to do. 

Your job is to find it and live it, if you haven't already discovered it. Whether you are hyperactive or inwardly focussed, it is there. It is something that really interests and involves you, and you have it because you have ADD or ADHD, it is the ADHD-GIFT.

There are some things you can do to open your life to more choices 

The Lost Interests.

Over three or four nights, write down everything that ever interested you, including things your parents said you were not allowed to do, and other children our teachers told you were stupid. You won't remember everything, but enough.

Then leave it for another three or four nights. Go back to it, and cross out everything you would never do again. What is left will be worth exploring, pushing into further to discover what interest there is hidden.

Some people have discovered hobbies, some deep passions, and some new careers.

Another exploration is your peak enjoyment.

Look back over events that you have really enjoyed over the last years. Find the key events 

You may end up with three or four or a whole string. Set them in front of you and let common themes move into your awareness. 

This ore these can be pointers towards your future life; your work, relationships, your real passions. 

Add in those things you know you do well. Spend a little time checking these out, list them. They may include things you do with your hands to advanced professional abilities, driving,  mountain climbing or photography.

Out of all this some particular passion will emerge. Being passionate doesn't mean that you jump up and down and scream with excitement. It may, but it also is about focus and involvement, commitment of time and desire.

Passion is often squashed out of children. If you don't think you are passionate about anything, what fills your daydreams, desires and attracts your attention? (If it stays at zero, you may need a therapist - no joke, I am a therapist.)

The end result of all this is your GIFT. It is something you enjoy and do better than others. It makes everything else worthwhile.

Sometimes a person says, "I still don't know what my gift is."

Repeat the processes. It takes a while, sometimes 

And then a person might say, "In don't deserve to have anything. At this point you say to yourself, " Hello! ADHD at work! It's putting me down. 'Buzz off! (or other suitable words - this is an open site.) 

Another way is to ask people. "What do you think I am good at? What do you think my strengths are? What's the best way I contribute to the world?

You can get clues sometimes from work assessments or online tests, but treat them with caution because your company and the test provider have their own agenda.

You will know you have it when it is something you are passionate about or it is really important to you or you go into the zone and no longer notice time.

Sometimes people ask the wrong questions. It can be useful to switch sides of the brain. If your focus is left-brain you will concentrate on "facts" and logic, which may help, bu you can get stuck looking for reasons which aren't there. Right-brain is less focused and more in touch with you as a person; this is the realm of music, beauty, story, self-expression and spiritual . Your interests may be either left-brain or right-brain or both.

My primary gift is helping people through hypnosis and teaching, with a special interest on ADHD (That driven by my desire to help children not grow up with the mess that I did.).

I also write fiction, a and you can find some of that on Amazon and Kindle. It is "Jake's Christmas and Other Stories."

You may have a very big focus like Richard Branson, or something more modest. It doesn't matter, but go for the biggest that you can. It's more fun.

When you have found your ADHD-Gift, live it. It may become or already be you career, or it may be something that absorbs your life while you work a job for income.

I don't think that Thomas Eddison had ADHD, but go here for good stuff:

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