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This site is being upgraded and added to continuously. Feel free to visit again and browse. I have ADHD so the order of material may be confused. If you have ADHD, you know that!

This page contains detail of work that I do as a Hypnotherapist face-to-face  in Healesville, Victoria, Australia, and online anywhere via Google Hangouts (or other video systems). Preliminary Consultations are also available on FaceTime.

Phone: (+61) 0417314283
Video meetings details will be arranged when booking.

This is not stage TV hypnosis. You won’t think you are chicken! This is the real thing: expert hypnotherapy. It’s a scientific way to help you change yourself, your mind and body, and to live a better, healthier life. Thousands have done it. And you can too.

You may need to quit smoking. Perhaps you are overweight or you drink too much. Maybe you are anxious or depressed, or you struggle to manage fears or phobias. Some of us have ADD/ADHD or something like it. You may need more self-confidence, more inner strength. Hypnotherapy can help with all these and more. It’s effective. It works. This is tested mind science.

I work with Quit Smoking. Weight Management, and Learning Difficulties.

I specialise in all types of anxiety: Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Health anxiety, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Addictions, PTSD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Exam Anxiety, School Anxieties, Fears and Phobias, Anxiety Attacks, etc.


Phone (+61) 0417 314 283 with questions or booking.

David Townsend is a very experienced therapist and hypnotherapist. (Yes, an ex-smoker!) He began studying Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis in the early eighties and obtained a Diploma of Therapeutic Hypnosis in 1985. He is a Master. A Certified Hypnotherapist and Trainer of Hypnotherapists (ABH), and a Time Line Therapist. His extensive work with a wide variety of the problems of ordinary people just like you gives him the ability to help you achieve the results that you want as quickly and easily as possible. In addition to Hypnotherapy he has extensive training and teaching experience. His work has included Carlton & United Breweries, National Bank, Ingenious Solutions, TAFE Small Business Enterprise, BP Chemicals, IPA, SEEL, Service Corporation International, various religious and charitable organisations, conducts a Hypnotherapy Practice and writes.

How successful are you?

Very. …. I don’t put up a figure like “95% successful” because it is impossible to continually check and therefore the Trade Practices Act does not allow it. If you have been referred by someone you know who came here, so much the better. You know that it’s going to work! Much of my work comes through referrals; people who have been to see me tell other people about it, and so they make an appointment for themselves.

Testemonials:  Mostly from Quit programs but you get the idea!

RS. “David I came to see you in January 2010 to stop smoking. The good news is I have not had one cigarette nor have I had any cravings … not one from the moment I left your house. I later had chemo for cancer of the liver which it was a success and then I completed a 200 km bike ride raising money for the Peter Mac Callum cancer center. I have signed up to do it again this year,. My health has gone from strength to strength and my skin is like brand new .. thank you for all you did for me .

SB. “I was a bit sceptical about using hypnosis to quit smoking, but being hypnotised was really enjoyable, very comfortable and relaxing! “I had been smoking a pack a day for 25 years, I had tried to quit so many times before, nothing worked until my one time appointment with David Townsend. You made me feel very comfortable about the whole thing and you gave me the ability to quit that day and I am still smoke free for 5 weeks now. I just wish I had this done years ago. Also thank you for turning my negatives thoughts and way of thinking into positive ones! I can’t thank you enough, you truly saved my life.

BD. Hello, David, I want let you know that, almost two and a half years since you treated me – a smoker for 53 years – I am still a NON-smoker. I think of you with gratitude, very often.

TL. Being one of the world’s least motivated people, I was initially very cynical about the prospect of hypnosis. Desperation to give up smoking gave me the much needed prod to at last give it a go. I genuinely count my blessings every day that now I am a non-smoker and give thanks for the benefits to my health and finances.

GG. I have tried desperately to quit smoking in the past but with no success. My smoking started at the age of 13 and lasted for approximately 55 years and I was using no less that 60 cigarettes per day. This addiction was severely affecting my health, mind, relationships, and very much financially! I met David Townsend under different circumstances and the conversation led to my smoking and failed intentions to quit. The rest is history.

Georgie. It’s almost been two years since the day I quit smoking thanks to a hypnotherapy session with you and I want to thank you for changing my life. I never would have believed quitting was possible before hypnosis. I walked into your office a smoker and left free of my addiction. I am a non-smoker, I am in control and this was the best investment I will ever make in my life. Thank you!

Privacy policy

Personal information including names, phone numbers, email and addresses of clients are not made available to any other person or organisation, except in the normal course of banking.


Information disclosed to the therapist is confidential. That means that it is not disclosed to any other person including family members except with the explicit permission of the client personally given to the therapist. Children under sixteen years are only seen with one or both parents present. If a parent is not available an adult family member or nominee must be arranged with the therapist. If this is not possible an additional therapist will be present and there is a charge for this. Sixteen year old and over are treated as adults. Confidentiality is subject to the laws of the State of Victoria and the Commonwealth of Australia

Terms of service

The therapist will use his best endeavour to assist clients to achieve a healthier life. It is the client’s responsibility to use the therapist’s advice and hypnotic treatment. Fees are charges for the therapists time used for a client and so there are no refunds of fees. If an appointment is missed without 24 hours notice the fee is forfeit. The therapist may at his discretion provide additional sessions without cost if he deems this appropriate.

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