Dealing with Negative Criticism

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Reject Negative Criticism

You don’t need negative criticism. The word criticism simply means judgement, assessment. It can be good, neutral or bad. There are situations in which we ask for assessment, and some is given in school or work where it is part of the process.

However, some is unwanted and destructive. You need to have this bounce off you. You do not need it!  It is their stuff, not yours.

 Here are some replies to the negatives (In ascending order.)(Delivered with a bit of a smile.)

·         Thank you for sharing that.

·         I didn’t hear that. Could you repeat it?  (They hardly ever do.)

·         Are you trying to make me feel bad?

·         Can we clarify this? Are you trying to help me?

·         That stuff doesn’t work. I don’t let it in.

·         Since we are sharing, did you know that critical people always have the most criticism reserved for themselves?

·         You don’t like yourself, do you. You must be having a really bad day.             (And that is great for kids to say to bullies!)


For invasive texts:
Great – thanks.
Sorry, busy. Tomorrow.
With client

Or for more fun:

Grate. Ridding hard     (Deliberate mis-spell of “Great. Riding hard”, and delightfully slightly offensive.)
He’s busy. (Always tricks them.)

And on the contrary

Always praise yourself to yourself. Affirm and congratulate yourself. You do a good job and tell yourself that.

You are not dependant of the praise supplies by others, who may have their own agenda for what they say.

And if any internal little voices from the past get in the way, you have some interesting things above to say to them!


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