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Many of us are plagued by procrastination, forgetfulness, inability to get started, and overwhelm.
We put this down to fear and anxiety, as part of ADHD.

However, while these problems are real, new attention is being given to INERTIA.

Inertia is a perceived inability to start an action. I don't start doing something that I should do, or I am paused in the process of a task and simply can't do or 'forget' to continue it. This problem has been highlighted in the study of Aspergers Syndrome (which overlaps with some types of ADHD, and is also present in Parkinsons.)

Inertia is not fear, anxiety or procrastination. It appears to be a communication inadequacy in the brain. Just like lots of ADHD problems, something in the brain isn't working the way it should. Now given my childhood, low self-esteem and growing up with ADHD , have a few problems and to a fair extent overcome them. There is a lot of material on this site about that.

I now have a new weapon. If I find myself procrastinating, I shout (or discretely say to myself if there is anyone about) "INERTIA!" And then deal with it. Just recognising that the brain system is the problem is often enough.  Because there are ways. One is to immediately inject more energy into starting. Another is looking at  the situation from a new angle to find different 'mini-bite' chunks to start.


It is useful to notice the process of distraction. The truth is that everybody gets distracted in the sense that they notice things or movements at the edge of what they are doing and can briefly be aware of them before returning to the previous object of their attention. They can do that because they retain a general awareness of what they have been attending to. People with ADHD lose that residual awareness. They are focused on that which caught their attention and everything else is forgotten.

This is like focusing through a magnifying glass. You hold the glass over something and everything else fades from view as you focus. The immediate short-term memory doesn't work. As I drive I say to myself, "I am alert. I am aware!" (We have more motor accidents and get speeding fines more often than most  other people - looney hoons excluded.)

A number of devices have been created to help attention. The best appears to be Re-vibe from Fokuslabs, but it does not ship to Australia at this date 5/17. 

HUG, anyone?

This is probably more for Aspergers Syndrome and Autism, but
proprioceptive input (also know as deep touch pressure (DTP) is very interesting. Mental and emotional stimulation is achieved through firm touch, hug, and massage etc. You can buy vests and jackets that will do it for you (Look it up on Google.)
Because some people like being hugged in one way and other in another, some jackets can be programmed. It might not be for you, however:

Get hugged. Hug your children - after checking with them how they  like to be hugged and how they don't. Get a relaxing massage when you can. Hold hands. Exercise.   ...  Enjoy!.

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