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This site is being upgraded and added to continuously. Feel free to visit again and browse. I have ADHD so the order of material may be confused. If you have ADHD, you know that!

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"The Memory Code" by Dr Alex Loyd, Ph.D.  (who is ADHD) It contains self healing processes that are very good. You can find other material on Youtube.


Many people have foundThe Emotion Code by Bradley Nelson helpful. You can learn the basis to work with yourself or another. It works with  children. You can learn the basics on Youtube. I highly recommend this.

There is a book etc. available. If  the spiritualised of this is not your style you can ignore that and use the process (though it's interesting that many great medical teachers of healing are spiritual).

APP help
Cambridge University has created an app Decoder which is included in Peak - Brain Training from the App Store on iphone. It will be available on Android later in the year. It is made up of little games for brain training and is considered to be the best available. However, it uses computer game layout and this may not be useful for people who have no experience this area (like me who never plays them!).

Thereis also a valuable app called Speechify which helps reading silently and aloud. It works on Apple comfortably, but on Android only on properly on Android 8 plus.


Strabismus occurs when the eyes do not focus on the same point: double vision most commonly. While it seems to happen across the community, it's presence has been noted in diagnosis of some ADHD patients. Severe strabismus is usually only found by an optician as the variation in focus is so dramatic that the brain appears to ignore what one eye is seeing and see with the other. Children with any learning or focal problem should be checked (and adults!).

Do not play this in a moving vehicle or when you need to be aware, eg., caring for a child.

David Townsend is  a Clinical Hypnotherapist working in Ringwood & Healesville, Victoria, Australia.
He has ADHD, knows about it and treats it.

Children 9 years and under, consultation is normally only with parents.
Children 10 years plus and Youth sessions. Children under 16 years must be accompanied by a parent.
Adults sessions.

Dr Joe Dispenza

Considerable help in removing symptoms or modifying them can be obtained  using the advanced methods of Dr Dispenza.

Key books:
You  are your Placebo,  & Breaking the Habit of being Yourself

Big collection including meditations.


DR AMEN is a major authority on ADHD.

If you suspect that you are ADD/ADHD,  you can do an on-line test to determine which type of ADD you have at the Amen Clinic . Go here
He has published a program on the self-treatment of ADD/ADHD. You can investigate it here

He identifies seven types of the disorder.
Classic ADD, Inattentive ADD,  Overfocused ADD, Temporal Lobe ADD,  Limbic ADD, Ring of Fire ADD, Anxious ADD. All have slightly different characteristics. There may be more that one type present.


Attention Deficit Disorder Nutritionals

 Neutritional Supplements (non-prescription but sympathetic doctor’s supervision recommended.) These are marketed under a variety of brands.

These are my recommendations and I use them. You must make your own informed decisionCaution:Some prescribed medications and drugs (including alcohol) and nutritionals interact with each other and may change their effect. Be aware when you make a  change what you or your children take.

SAM-e  =  s-adenosylmethionime (This is a very effective supplement. A few children do not respond well to this. Start at 100  to 200 mg per day. Lift to 400 mg, and higher if useful. Average of two weeks before obvious positive result.)

PS (phosphatidySerine shows improvement in attention, short term memory, focus and and impulsivity control. It does this by improving the brain’s connectivity (synapse connection).

Rhodiola rosea. Relieves nervous tension and anxiety; boosts mental and physical health.

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric-Acid) Helps with a variety of ADHD symptoms. Calms anxiety Inc. PMS) and helps with general body health including weight management.

There are other useful supplements. Check out Dr Amen's recommendations.

Prescribed Medications

 Ritalin, Adderall, Dexamphetamine, Concerta, Strattera
These medications may affect different people in different ways. Be alert if you or children begin taking any of these and check their effect. If children take any to school, ensure that they are in control and consume them. (There have been cases of other children stealing  them or bullying a child to obtain the medication as they can act as illegal stimulants.)


Combine traditional Chinese medicine with Western psychology and you get EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE (EFT). This is like tapping acupuncture; you tap the spots without needles.

Go to Youtube, in search type in EFT. You want material by Gary Craig, Nick Ortner, and Dr Dawson Church You can explore others latter.

This is a very effective way to shift to a better state, and has proved very effective with ADHD.

A powerful therapy
Some people regard this as a bit strange because they were brought up to not use the word F**k. However, the therapy and "spirituality" has proved very helpful for many people. As it says below, if you don't like F**k you should choose another angry swearword. There is an important reason for this: you are dealing with an anger, and swearing switches you into 'right-brain' and relaxation. That's right. I would try this without prejudging it. I personally use it and recommend it.

 BOOKS   by John C. Parkin

 F**k It Therapy

F**k It, The Ultimate Spiritual Way

 Go to this web site

 If you don’t use the word F**k, use a powerful angry word.

 Start by knowing that you have a strong infant-type inner rage. Your unconscious mind tries to divert from your awareness(because you were not allowed to express your anger and your unconscious decides  the source of the anger is too risky to present to you). It does this by creating addictions and pain and disease. Recognise it, thank your unconscious for trying to help, and divert it in another was, preferably by something that really involves you; physical exercise or focused interest.

 And recognise the rage is there, even if as a conscious adult you can’t understand it. Your unconscious mind’s emotional responses are those of a five-year old, even for teen and adult events. Take what action you can to lose the rage by F**k It or other means or therapy or even better, my hypnotherapy.


 There have been some remarkable results using sound therapy. Music and with it the sensation of sound - vibration in the bones and body, make changes in the brain. New patterns are formed because sound has a very powerful effect on people.

Whether you like music or not, you will have experienced the effect of sound. It may have been pleasurable speech, perhaps your mother's voice; it may have been alarming speech  such as an angry school-teacher. There has been music that has power, and that could be anything from a concerto to a Football song to a National Anthem, or a soothing lullaby to irritating 'piped musac'.

 We have discovered that some music entrains the brain. That is, it enables the brain to work in a more integrated way. This is widely used to help people with all sorts of problems.

 It has been very useful for children and adults with ADHD.

The program I highly recommend is Integrated listening Systems. It has the support of Dr. Hallowell, one of the leading international specialists in ADHD.

For Australia, go here

For America and other countries, go here


 There have also been some remarkable results using movement and awareness.

There was a truly amazing man called Moshe Feldenkrais whose work with the human system was truly extraordinary. He developed a method of awareness of movement which allows a person to use their developing awareness to make changes to the way they moved and therefore develop and make changes that include experience of pain and other health issues.

 Feldenkrais is therefore a form of integrative therapy and complementary medicine. As movement makes changes in the patterns of the brain, the brain's neuroplasticity enables these changes to become permanent.

 There are Feldenkrais Practitioners all over the world. You can Google them.

For parents of problem or disabled children, there is a special development.

 ANAT BANIEL began to work with children and adults with disabilities.  She called the process Neuromovement®.

Using the brains ability to change through movement she discovered patters of work with children to make significant improvements even in cases where all available forms of therapy had failed.

 A good starting point is her book, which is worthwhile for any parent but especially for those with a child who has problems.

"Kids Beyond Limits: The Anat Baniel Method for Awakening the Brain and Transforming the Life of Your Child with Special Needs"  Go to Amazon and search

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